The Death Of Mover

Became up with was a concept called do-good which was an app to help thousands of people do a single random act of kindness each day so everyone who opened the app on a given day we get the same exact deed they’d get ways to share it they’d get ways to comment on it we basically form communities around random acts of kindness each day built that Ina summer launched.

It as a free app on the App Store no idea how to mark it just put it up there we’re lucky in the fact that we got picked up by Forbes we were the New York Times after the week bunch of outlets picked it up because twas just a novel concept and quickly goat couple several hundred thousand downloads to date about a million and half good deeds have been done on behalf of the application and that company was acquired by a company called tonic about six months later so as still as juniors basically.

so in about a span of nine months founded built this app got it on the store people used it and we sold the company so unexpected and that we had no idea that was the plan going into it bust needs to oriental s so keys to abasement David talked about tech garb Hope that many you guys have been there and hoped to go there and actually workout it’s an awesome place but tech are actually started some extent in my living room we had formed this like half broken and student group called maze Ventures which was about.

entrepreneurs who running companies and we would just meet in my living room with a case of beer and just talk about what we were doing and coming into the summer of our senior year everyone was deciding to stay in Ann Arbor but we had no place to work like it was basically go to the ugly work from.

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