Ten Top Risks Of Tucson Air Conditioning

To drag it out versus a torch the ox-acetylene and there you go it’s a not the best but that’s what you get when you use map gas but anyway it’s braised up just got to cut the x a little bit I didn’t want to extend it up or extend the line set and it’ll be you know two more raises in the wall one is plenty in this situation like I said I’ll just cut the x stick it in in him.

Then won’t be fine here’s that circuit board where the snake had made his way and he really got toasted me because what he did when he crawled across here he caught one of the capacitors got one of these capacitors here boy and when he did I’m sure there was a spark in there anyway but here that board see it call comes with one piece while ago I said get take three screws out whether one there’s one if there’s so one two three again screw those three screws and you slide it down but before you do you.

Got a couple you had that plug that plug that plug and that plug right there and this plug on to the electronic tapes B this goes over to your power s s and s and of course it’s ground wires right here those screw into that sheet metal panel that you had to new ac unit Tucson unscrew before so you go down the compressor I’m enough for sure and then that one maybe the fan ah buddy anyway okay there you go we’ll check it here in a minute we’ll see it so the snake actually saved the unit from killing a compressor since.

It had a refrigerant leak so there you go all right enough of that I’m going I’m going to put this stuff back together so I can get out of here I feel I feel like I’m cheating on Misha be she by working on the Sonya but what are you going to do so there she is hanging up on the wall there’s that little box they built to cover up the line it set you know there’s a unit up there so it’s in put back together I’m just glad to leak wasn’t in that coil because they already bought a Ford Ford outdoor unit just glad.

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