Reasons Why People Love Reverse Vasectomy

go over who that guy looks like and what that couple looks like so change in female partner as I alluded to so a man and a woman marry have children they decide on vasectomy and then something happens to the relationship and now the man is with somebody else who would still like to have kids so that’s very common scenario but not exclusive by any means and not necessarily the most common scenario there are also men and women that decide on vasectomy for sterilization they have.

Two children and they decide they’re done and that little kid is so cute that they decide that they need to make a middle child and have yet another have another child so therefore I do plenty of the second reversals on couples that have just decided to add to their roster what about changes in religious status or some religions as we know prohibit vasectomy is a birth control and there are people and men that decide to convert later in life to those religions and so certainly vasectomy reversal.

for religious preferences is also something I performed over the years now one of the things that we don’t hear a lot about in vasectomy but is a very important part of my practice is there are there’s a very small number of men that after their their vasectomy end up with significant and often debilitating pain after the vasectomy we’re not exactly sure why that happens it is probably something to do with obstruction of that the the sperm fluid that causes this back pressure in pain and why that doesn’t happen to most men we don’t know and why it happens to a very small percentage of men somewhere around one in a thousand to one in , men after the second we’ll have this pain it’s very very significant.

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